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Everything about the Four Days Marches and summerfestivals 2019,4 days the walking capital of the netherlands.
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Soon we have a special dedicated to the summer festivals, also called Vierdaagsefeesten.
These take place from 18 t/m 24 July 2015.
four day marchesMain menu to our linkswe can't wait untill 21 juli when we join this great people in nijmegen
We walk along the four-day-marches full of vitality and courage. Just before, but he is coming: The 99th edition of the Nijmegen Marches. This will be held from 16 to 20 July 2019 in the Netherlands' oldest city! Nijmegen is again on zn head, here again we look forward to it. See our homepage with a collection of interesting links on the Nijmegen Four Day celebrations and summer 2019. New is our walking prevention blog, where you certainly more sore feet will not get .. good luck everyone, see you through the gladiola!
Laatste nieuws vierdaagse nijmegenThe tens of thousands of participants in the 99th Four Days will be on Wednesday, July 22 in the final kilometers of the second day of the so-called parallel walk ' along the Waal to the east side of downtown. This as you have heard because of a prolapse piles on the quay. The big fireworks show, which for the first time on Sunday evening would be held and where 200,000 people often look is entirely lapsed. there will be an alternative music show organized pageant
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  • The Romans have already walked ... Now you have Be welcome in Nijmegen and move in the 2000-year history of the oldest city in the country. Arise Valkhof where Romans once far beyond the Waal and the land of the Batavians peering. High above the river and surrounded by forests and hills found a strategic place to camp to settle. Even now, the view is overwhelming.
    Nijmegen sparkles .Er is a lot of things to do in the city and you do not have to bore Yourself . A lot of people asked me when the 99th edition of the Four Days Marches Nijmegen would take place. This international walking event will be held from 21 t / m 24 July 2015 in the oldest city of the netherlands . And for those who also want a great party, . Come join our walking portal , and see you at the Finish called the "Via Gladiola", Greetz and regards , Perry van Empel
    night Out Did you know that the Nijmegen largest "terrace density" per capita in the Netherlands knows? Here they met each other late into the night on the terraces and nightlife. Cruising a boulevard de Waal you can not miss the Holland Casino Nijmegen. The Nijmegen is short a? Cool Region?, Ideal for walking and cycling, through forests, over hills and dales, the moors, by the vast polders, the fens and the enchanting villages and towns with attractions . The Nijmegen is a paradise for hikers in 2014

    Four Days Old Blogs revive and Walking already been run for the 99th edition of the International Four Days Marches. In short walk Virus is already quite broken out here in Nijmegen. To 13 March this year there are 42,934 entries recorded in the official organization. The limit is set at 45,000 participants and possibly will be a raffle on April 13 will determine who ultimately it does in this international sporting event. We will keep you informed and wish all Marches Runners good luck!

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<A HREF=walking and the spirit Clubs, associations, routes, tours, hiking and more unions public transportation during this international walking event
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    Perry van Empel
    May I introduce myself, I'm Perry Empel and I live in Nijmegen. As you know, the four-day city of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The four-day 4-day is called in the vernacular.
    Called the International Four Days Marches.
    Corresponding to the four-day course, the summer parties, with the flag parade and fun until the wee hours. An overview of the trails of the Marches in Nijmegen. Information about registration, ticketing, routes and history can also be found here.
    If you also want to have pictures of the Nijmegen four days, then we refer you to one of our partner sites. Concerning this report, the biggest walking event in the world, many photographs and material available.
    The program booklet of the Four-Day Festival, with 4-day directions of walking. can be obtained from the organization. It also contains 4daagse Many photos and useful links regarding issues such as transport, beds or other facilities. pattegrond is also useful.
    Nijmegen is a friendly nation and handles like a four-day address for you, also called a vierdaagsebed mentioned. Your host wishes you a pleasant stay. There is always someone who has a room for rent, and again this year clean rooms and good food for rent offers.
    It is great for walking and steps in Nijmegen, and it makes for runners not matter which word walked away there. We really love this sport and if you really go for this march or just walking the festival of the summer parties enjoy, it's a great event there in Nijmegen.
    The Nijmegen Four Days Marches Nijmegen 2015, come on.
    We hope that the favorable barometer will fall while walking, because there is bad weather predicted during the Nijmegen 4-day. We wish you much success in your address with room for walking and March of marches, of course. Walking is also the love of your host or woman.
    Nijmegen is again a week on the head with nice summer festivities starting Saturday nijmegen 2015, also called Vierdaagsefeesten. So whether it's to find a room for your four-day address, or information about your proof of registration in Nijmegen you're always on the first rank.
    So we go for a walk during this four-day hiking, and put your feet firmly under. The program of the 4-day is known. Registration is late and the ticket is stopped but you can still walk this walking event. The 4-day hike is really under the tours.
    So you are still looking pictures or information about the Nijmegen 4-day or just a four-day address, Nijmegen has it all.

    we enjoy walking the four day marches